Manjaro OpenBox Has been Released!

Manjaro welcomes another addition to the family in the form of our brand-new Openbox flavour!

Designed and built exclusively by the Manjaro team, this lightweight, sleek, and super-fast flavour comes with a unique twist – traditional menus are not used to find and launch applications!

Instead, the heart of the desktop is Synapse. At first glance comparable to a typical menu search bar, Synapse is in fact a very powerful and versatile tool that boasts a wide range of useful features, particularly due to the optional plugins available. Some of these features include:

  • Locating and launching applications faster than menus
  • Accessing specific file types such as documents, pictures, and movies
  • Opening folder locations
  • Directly controlling applications such as XNoise and Banshee
  • Running terminal commands
  • Submitting Google searches
  • And much more!

Synapse can also remember previous searches to provide the right results instantly, even with just a single key stroke. Application Finder – usually found in the XFCE desktop environment – has also been included to enable users to search for and browse installed applications in a more traditional manner, too.

Sounds good? Well, we’re only just getting started! Here are some of the more notable features that can be found in our newest flavour:

  • Custom user-friendly configuration menu to easily tweak every aspect of the environment
  • Custom short-cut keys to instantly launch core applications and options
  • Custom Tint2 Panel (with built-in calendar) and workspace switcher
  • Optional pre-configured launcher
  • Thunar – the default file manager – has all the extra features usually found in XFCE
  • Special Openbox Quick Guide
  • CD-sized installation files for both 32 and 64-bit systems (i.e. less than 700MB)
  • Designed to equally suit users who focus on the keyboard or mouse

32-bit installations also have the added bonus of extra Manjaro backgrounds being pre-installed. New users can enjoy the speed and versatility of Openbox in a pre-configured system that is set-up and ready to go; no additional configuration is required. Experienced users – and of course those inclined to learn – can enjoy a rock-solid foundation to customise and build on.

A special thanks goes to:

  • Phil for his immense support, technical expertise, and patience
  • Handy for sharing his Openbox knowledge
  • Ayceman for helping to test the prototype

Best Wishes,

Carl Duff,
Community, Wiki, and Documentation

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