Monthly Archive: January 2013

French IRC Support Channel online

On behalf of the french Manjaro community we are happy to announce that a french IRC channel is now open! From now on you can get direct support in your native language French. Simply join on freenode. You’re welcome to join us and we hope to see you very soon on our channel ! […]

Manjaro OpenBox Has been Released!

Manjaro welcomes another addition to the family in the form of our brand-new Openbox flavour! Designed and built exclusively by the Manjaro team, this lightweight, sleek, and super-fast flavour comes with a unique twist – traditional menus are not used to find and launch applications! Instead, the heart of the desktop is Synapse. At first […]

Stable repositories got updated

Today’s merge of Manjaro-Stable from our Manjaro-Testing repositories will bring these changes: 292 updates to address Firefox/Thunderbird security issues (i686/x86_64) 12/13 updates in platform and multilib (i686/x86_64/lib32) Kernels updated to 3.4.25 and 3.7.2 (inkl. ILK fix), extramodules rebuild and systemd 197 (i686/x86_64). linux36-series got removed. Please update to linux37. updated packages in addon: kalu and […]

Manjaro featured in Spanish edition of Linux Magazine

The Spanish edition of the prestigious Linux Magazine published a feature covering Manjaro 0.8.2 in December (issue 88). The feature itself covered several pages, and a DVD of the XFCE flavour was on the front cover for readers to try out the system for themselves. We have managed to get our hands on a physical […]

New Webpage

After a long night session our new webpage look is online! Thanks to all of your donations which made this possible. A new theme has been bought and adjusted to our needs 🙂 Hope you like it!