Try Manjaro in Your Web-Browser!


Whether you are currently using Windows, Mac-OS, or a Linux-based operating system (including Manjaro, of course), it is now possible to try out the latest release of Manjaro on-line, without having to download or install it first. This is because, in another exciting development, Manjaro is the world's first operating system that can be run entirely through your favourite internet browser!

Provided you have a broadband internet connection and the latest version of Java installed, click on the link provided below to be taken directly to, the world's first on-line operating system testing website.

It is not necessary to register or submit any personal details to use this service. Once there, you will be able to select from four different flavours of Manjaro 0.8.2:

  • KDE
  • Gnome 3, and
  • XFCE

Assuming that one or more of the desired flavours are free to use at the time, simply select your preferred desktop to use and then click on the 'Start this OS' button to try it out for up to an hour at a time. There's no danger of damaging Manjaro or your own operating system, so feel free to explore, play, and experiment with it as much as you wish.

Please note however, that as it is being run through your internet-browser, this live version of Manjaro won't be anywhere near as fast or snappy as the real thing!

Link –   Manjaro Live on