Daily Archive: October 31, 2012

The EXT4 Corruption Bug Is Fixed

Much ado about an ultimately irrelevant issue: a bug in the ext4 filesystem has turned out only to be exposed when several exotic options are combined. Apparently, the problem has only affected a single user. The true cause of this EXT4 bug has now been uncovered and patched within the mainline Linux kernel. The EXT4 […]

Manjaro 0.8.2rc1 (Xfce, Net) online

If all goes as planned, we will release Manjaro 0.8.2 on the 10th of November. To find any regressions in our current testbuild I'm releasing 0.8-r1029 as Manjaro 0.8.2rc1 so we can fix bugs before 0.8.2 will hit our servers. This release is mainly for developer and testers, not recommend for end-users! Manjaro 0.8.2pre2 introduced […]

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