Daily Archive: October 8, 2012

Manjaro 0.8.2pre1 online

If all goes as planned, we will release Manjaro 0.8.2 on the 27th of October. To find any regressions in our current testbuild I'm releasing 0.8-r1007 as Manjaro 0.8.2pre1 so we can fix stuff before 0.8.1rc1 will hit our servers. This build has most fixes in stuff we missed in 0.8.1. Manjaro 0.8.2pre2 will introduce […]

We will support EFI

Since some days I’m working hard to support EFI and other cool features with our next install-media. Todays internal build finally started on a Virtualbox EFI machine. It is possible to install it on a GPT partition with GRUB2-EFI. Feeling is totally the same. I hope I get a public preview out there this weekend. […]