Manjaro 0.8.1 XFCE edition released

Smash it, Baby!!!Exactly one month after we released our first beta release of Manjaro Linux, here is our first point-release in our 0.8-series. In the past four weeks Philip, Guillaume and I worked hard to get this update shaped up good as it is now.

Most people criticized that Manjaro wasted to much RAM. We replaced LightDM with LXDM, special patched to have a better theme support. Of course we needed a nice Manjaro theme for LXDM. The only problem is – there are no LXDM themes available…

So I sat down last night with a cup of coffee and started coding. To have a nice login interface I wanted to add a transparent black background to the login area. This required some patching in the LXDM greeter. I am really happy with the result and I hope you like the new LXDM Manjaro theme 🙂 .

MHWD, our hardware detection tools, got updated and is using now BUS IDs for better control of your hardware. Phil fixed his CLI-installer and squashed some bugs which got reported in our forum or bugtracker. Guillaume updated plymouth and other core packages to have a smoother work-feeling. Manjaro feels snappier now. Last but not least we enabled our testing-repos offering KDE 4.9-series and other cool packages you can play with.

What’s about the Gnome/Cinnamon, KDE and Net version? The XFCE version is our main LiveCD and the others will follow of course. However we need to do some further testing and you can count with a release in a few weeks…

I want to thank Philip for his tireless bugfixing and building of LiveCDs and lots of packages. As well as Guillaume for his efforts in plymouth, the gnome edition and useful ideas. At the same time I want to thank Allesandro for managing our forum and for providing support. However the biggest “Thank You” goes to our great community!

Enhancements to point out

  • We updated to linux 3.5-series
  • MHWD got better hybrid card support and Optimus works on more card combinations. Some bugs also have been fixed.
  • Our CLI-Installer got improved.
  • A patched LXDM replaces LightDM with a complete new Manjaro theme.
  • Syslinux got a new layout and got translated to followed languages: Argentinian, Brazilian Portuguese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.
  • Followed languages we fully support now: American English, Belarusian, British English, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Deutsch, Espanol, Espanol (Argentina), Francais, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
  • XFCE edition get’s shipped on a DVD with more apps and printer-support out of the box.
  • We added some more support to start Manjaro easier from your USB-Stick
  • Development packages for AUR got added including packer and yaourt
  • All translation-packages get installed during startup and our installer
  • A new drivers-overlay starts our LiveDVD faster
  • Small package updates to fix reported bugs
  • Lot’s of bugfixes since our 0.8.0 release

Download Manjaro 0.8.1
Release Note

Kind regards

Roland Singer