Monthly Archive: September 2012

Surfing Europe

I'm not only surfing at my home spot the Eisbach in Munich, the ocean is also my playground… Happy to be back from my surf trip thru Europe. The plan was to surf in France with my brother during the german champion ships. My brother tried to find his way to the line-up without success. […]

Wow, that was fast!

I just worked on early kms and uvesafb support in mhwd. I thought about when to start the mhwd scripts. Should I start it in the initramfs? No, because mhwd needs to rebuild all the initramfs files after any changes in the graphics section. So what about starting the scripts in initramfs just after the […]


After some discussions in our dev mailing list we came to the conclusion to remove plymouth. I made some tests with different framebuffer settings and drivers and the result was very bad. The normal text output isn’t that bad and maybe we will add a manjaro ascii logo to it.

0.8.2 announcement

We are working on the next point release of the 0.8 branch. So what are the big changes? Mainly this version will have many bugs fixed in the base system and some improvements in the hardware detection and will support vmware virtualization. Plymouth made us some problems and maybe there will be some changes…

BoxIt <-> Pacman

I want to clear up some confusions. Pacman is our package manager and BoxIt is our repository management tool for the Manjaro Team. We manage our repositories with it, upload new packages, synchronize with the Arch repositories… Please don’t think that BoxIt replaces pacman 🙂

What’s the plan?

We are working on our base system, improving our hardware detection,…New releases will follow published as XFCE version to test the improved base system. As soon as it is ready we will build our KDE and Gnome LiveCDs. This could take a few weeks.

Important Notice

For those who installed the 0.8.0 system it is important that you merge your /etc/pacman.conf with /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew or adjust your SyncFirst and HoldPkg variable to match this: HoldPkg = pacman glibc manjaro-system SyncFirst = manjaro-system pacman As soon as we merge testing with the stable repos this could prevent you from troubles with updating your […]

Manjaro 0.8.1 XFCE edition released

Exactly one month after we released our first beta release of Manjaro Linux, here is our first point-release in our 0.8-series. In the past four weeks Philip, Guillaume and I worked hard to get this update shaped up good as it is now. Most people criticized that Manjaro wasted to much RAM. We replaced LightDM […]

Testing Repositories

The testing repositories are online and first tests have been done. Please help us testing these repositories and post bugs, so we can merge this testing repos as soon as possible with the stable repositories. Please be aware that this could break your system.   Steps to enable testing repositories: sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf Before updating […]

Bumblebee running

After some issues we have fixed all bugs of bumblebee. It is now smoothly running with nouveau/intel or nvidia/intel mode. I tried some games running over the Optimus nvidia card. All seams to be fine! There will be another extension about hybrid technology in Manjaro. We will support soon Nvidia and Ati cards over vgaswitcheroo […]