Finally! Manjaro XFCE edition is released

The waiting has an end ...

We kept the public mostly in the dark. Some might thought that we are dead or something else. This was necessary to create our new distribution-framework. Currently we have one root-server hosting our main-repository and all our development tools and blog. Four official Manjaro Linux mirrors supply you guys with all our fresh packages, which are tested snapshots of Archlinux with our own packages in the mix. This means we are 100% compatible to Arch-Linux but yet standing on our own feet. Using AUR-repository is possible.
Screenshots of Manjaro XFCE edition
We are proud to announce our default Manjaro Edition featuring XFCE 4.10, Kernel 3.4.9, Xorg 7.6 with Xorg-Server 1.12.3 and gcc 4.7.1. Other editions will follow shortly.

Manjaro Linux targets beginners and advanced users at the same time. We provide UI-tools and scripts to make your life much more easier.

Manjaro supports Nvidia’s Optimus Technology out of the box. You can choose between nouveau/intel or nvidia/intel drivers combination.Manjaro hardware detection tool will configure your graphic-cards automatically and with help of bumblebee/bbswitch it is possible to switch to your desired graphic mode.

We hope you guys have as much fun as we had creating it!

kind regards

Philip Müller and the Manjaro Developers Team


Manjaro 0.8.0 XFCE i686 (635 MB)
Manjaro 0.8.0 XFCE i686 packages list
Manjaro 0.8.0 XFCE i686 build log

Manjaro 0.8.0 XFCE x86_64 (692 MB)
Manjaro 0.8.0 XFCE x86_64 packages list
Manjaro 0.8.0 XFCE x86_64 build log

Manjaro 0.8.0 XFCE checksum (sha1)
Manjaro 0.8.0 XFCE checksum (md5)