Development state – BoxIt

I am working now since a few days on a first BoxIt release. This server/client application is a complete repository management system, similar to git. It has some nice features, which I will present in a youtube video soon.

Why BoxIt? The Box should illustrate a binary package. This is a compressed archive similar to a box 😀 The IT just means, compile the source, compress/box it to a binary package and upload it to the server.

Some main features:

  • ssl encrypted connection, several other security implementations against brute force, password cracking and overload attacks…
  • easy way to manage all our few thousands of packages similar to git, but concentrated on binary files (symlinks to a dummy file instead of downloading everything…)
  • multi user implementation
  • e-mail notification on new commits, new packages in arch repos available,…
  • BoxIt shell implementation to manage (delete, move, copy, add, sync with arch, …) repositories and adjust user settings.
  • easy way to synchronize with the Arch Linux repositories. This was first based on an AUFS implementation, which is now replaced with an own temporary management system -> no need of root rights for an AUFS mount script. Also rsync got replaced with an own network synchronisation tool, which give us much more control about what is going on 😉
  • information output commands to handle our repositories better. It is possible to compare repositories, show differences before and after a sync, compare with Arch Linux repositories to show new available packages,…

Some parts which I noticed are still in development, but a first release with some missing features will be online soon on our root server 😀 You can take a look at the code base in a few days at our git.