What’s happening behind the curtain?

Manjaro-Linux will be 100% compatible with Arch-Linux but uses well tested snapshots of Arch-Linux instead. We manage our repository with our own developed tool called BoxIt which is designed like git.

This means for our users they still have a rolling release but not so fast as Arch-Linux might be. AUR is still usable and you have all features you know from Arch-Linux. This way we provide a stable system which is still up-to-date.

Another feature will be our hardware detection. A well known problem is libgl and it’s conflicts with catalyst and nvidia packages. We packed libgl and all proprietary drivers in a different way and manage with mhwd to symlink to the right needed so-files. This enables us to support hybrid cards like Nvidia’s optimus system in a simple way. Mhwd can also install all drivers using a database and multible kernel versions to your system.

To pack this all up we provide live-cds in 3 different flavours:

  • XFCE will be our main desktop released as a CD-Edition to build your desktop on
  • Cinnamon/Gnome is shipped as a DVD-Edition with common used applications
  • last but not least we have also a KDE DVD-Edition featuring all from K3B to Calligra

If you’re interested in beta-testing mail to betatest[at]manjaro[dot]org

All in all – manjaro will rock your socks in late summer !!!