Monthly Archive: August 2012

Manjaro 0.8 daily builds online

After releasing Manjaro 0.8.0 nine days ago (2012-08-20) we got so much feedback about this public release. We are thankful for all your replies and working hard to make Manjaro even better. Daily Builds we release time to time for our beta-testers to check if we are on the right track before our next point-release […]

A new mirror available !

Thanks to David Berard we have now a new mirror located in France for our repositories. It’s now available in our updated pacman-mirrorlist package. To use it you can also add this in your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist: Server =$repo/$arch

Are we good for noobs?

Searching the net about how the community thinks about our second release which is a BETA RELEASE to make that clear! I was stoked about the good feedback we get from you guys. One particular video amazed me most. There is a noob-channel on youtube. That’s great!. Here we go for the video by PuppyLinuxWorld: […]

Change to your personal locales

Manjaro Linux is a small project based in Germany and France. That for we only support English, German and French out of the box. Some of you maybe need Spanish, Russian or other translations to have more fun with Manjaro. This example shows you how to add Russian support to Manjaro XFCE edition. Open a […]

Last but not least! Manjaro KDE!

This edition is based on KDE 4.8.4. It is a DVD edition with a selection of the most popular applications like firefox 14.0.1, thunderbird 14.0, gimp 2.8 or Calligra 2.4.3, k3b 2.0.3, amarok 2.5.0 kept mostly vanila ! Have fun and give feedback 😉 kind regards Philip Müller and the team Download Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE […]

Manjaro GNOME edition is online !

This edition is based on GNOME 3.4.2 and Cinnamon 1.5.2. Cinnamon is the default desktop in the live image but gnome-shell is also provided. It is a DVD edition with a selection of the most popular applications like firefox 14.0.1, thunderbird 14.0, gimp 2.8 or libreoffice 3.5.5 with a nice look and feel ! Have […]

Finally! Manjaro XFCE edition is released

We kept the public mostly in the dark. Some might thought that we are dead or something else. This was necessary to create our new distribution-framework. Currently we have one root-server hosting our main-repository and all our development tools and blog. Four official Manjaro Linux mirrors supply you guys with all our fresh packages, which […]

Internal Betatest for Manjaro 0.8.0

We are currently beta-testing our install-medias of Manjaro 0.8.0. This release is expected next Monday. We will ship XFCE 4.10 as our default desktop in CD-Size. Also there will be a Cinnamon/Gnome3 and a KDE edition to please everybody. Our distribution you can consider as stable, only our install medias are still in beta stage. […]

First Manjaro repository server online!

To not overload our root server, we have disabled our main repository. Only official Manjaro Linux repository servers are allowed to access our main repository on the root server to synchronize. Now our first repository is online! It is located in the UK. Three other new mirrors will be also online soon. They are currently […]

BoxIt goes online!

After some sleepless nights and a lot of empty bottles of juice (I don’t like coffee 😉 ) I finally finished BoxIt, our repository management system! The current pacman mirrorlist (in all LiceCDs) is invalid, because our root server won’t serve as normal repository anymore. Instead only official manjaro repository servers are allowed to synchronize […]