Below is a list of all the developers at Manjaro Linux. To view all former and inactive fellows please follow this link.


Core Team

Philip Müller


Alias philm
E-Mail philm[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Germany
YOB 1982
Languages German, English
Role Project Leader, Project Management and Coordination, Mirrors Manager, Packager, Developer, Web Developer
Involvements LiveCD, Repository, MHWD, Scripts and Packages, Community



Roland Singer


E-Mail roland[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Austria
YOB 1993
Languages German, English
Role Founder, Designer, Developer, Web Developer, Administrator
Involvements Development of Manjaro Applications, Packages, Repository Management, Website



Guillaume Benoit


Alias guinux
E-Mail guillaume[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location France
YOB 1985
Languages French, English
Role Server Manager, Developer, Packager, Moderation
Involvements Scripting, PAMAC, Testing, Repository, Translation, (French) Website, Community



Alexandre A. Arnt


E-Mail arnt[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Brazil
YOB 1978
Languages Brazilian, English
Role Developer, Moderation
Involvements Octopi, Community, Forum



Mateusz Mikolajczyk


E-Mail toudi[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Poland
YOB 1984
Languages Polish, English
Role Developer
Involvements Thus – graphical installer



Ramon Buldó


E-Mail ramon[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location -
Languages English
Role Developer
Involvements Thus – graphical installer, Settings Manager



Rob McCathie


E-Mail rob[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Australia
Languages English
Role Maintainer
Involvements Package Maintainer, Systems Integrator, Secondary Kernel Maintainer



Demiray Muhterem


E-Mail tulliana[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Turkey
YOB 1977
Languages Turkish, English
Role Developer, Artist
Involvements Manjaro KDE Edition Maintainer, Turkish irc-web support, Manjaro artworks



Wlad Meixner


Alias wlad
E-Mail wlad[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Germany
Languages German, English, Russian
Role Web Developer, Web Consultant
Involvements Website, Testing



Alexandru Ianu


Location Romania
Languages Romanian, English
Role Maintainer
Involvements Package Maintainer, Systems Integrator



Forum, Wiki, Community and Support

Ringo de Kroon


E-Mail ringo[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Belgium
YOB 1980
Languages Dutch, English
Role Community Manager
Involvements Community, IRC Support

Jonathon Fernyhough


E-Mail jonathon[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location United Kingdom
Languages English
Role Documentation
Involvements Manjaro Documentation, Forum Support





E-Mail sabras[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location -
Languages English
Role Wiki
Involvements Documentation, Wiki Contributor